Saturday, 13 October 2012

SKSP Witching hour

Seven Hours on from my last update, and I've been doing two things: Playing Resident Evil 4, and drinking too much red wine. The former was a blast, a finely ground blend of survival horror and action movie cliches. The latter was more of a mellow warping of inhibitions and bad vibes. Truth be told I'm not one for scary games. At the best of times I'm about as brave as a five year old child, and as such I don't tend to make much progress in the more terrifying titles. Christ, I don't think I even reached the first enemy in Silent Hill 2 before giving up.

But that's where being an adult helps; because getting a drink in me can certainly help build up a sense of bravado, that makes it easier to face the scary moments I do my best to avoid. It's funny, this year my brother suggested I run through the first four Silent Hill games for this marathon. I turned him down on the basis that standing in a corner weeping for 24 hours wasn't exactly what my sponsors were after. Now it's time for a wee blast of Rex/Child of Eden before I hit Yakuza 3. Stay strong...

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