Friday, 12 October 2012

SKSP: 12-3pm

So after whiling away an hour on Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and having my coalition defeated in our attempts to "liberate" a city for the third time in a row, good old Regmcfly popped over midway through his own marathon to absolutely school me at Tekken 5 for an hour. I thought I had the skills to handle someone that had never played it before, but I guess I need to train a little harder. After rinsing through every single character in the game, we turned our attentions to Blaz Blue: Calamity Trigger. A typically mental Jap fighter from the team behind Guilty Gear, it became clear after the first round that neither of us had the faintest idea what was going on. Between the flashy visuals, laughable use of Engrish ("Da Wheer Of Fate Ish Turnig. REBEL 1"), and an assortment of characters from my worst anime nightmares, we were stumped.

Then it was onto a true classic: Soul Calibur II on the Gamecube (the best version, natch). I can't tell you how much time I lost playing this as a teenager. I used to go onto the practice mode, whack the opponent difficulty up to maximum, and just practice combos for hours on end. This, Tekken 5, and Smash Bros Melee were my go-to games back then. An agreement that the first to four victories would be the true champ led to some tense bouts, culminating in a tense finale between Mitsurugi (Reg) V Talim (Me) at 3-3. I triumphed in the end, of course, proving that I'M THE BEST. And I did it with my favourite controller.

A thing of beauty

Before he left, Reg insisted on trying the PS3's savanah snoozefest Afrika, at my recommendation. Imagine N64 classic Pokemon Snap, with all the charm, character, and fun stripped away and you'll get an idea of what it's like. In the end his intrepid photojournalist (a slinky young French babe called Vince) was mauled by a rabid hippo. Truly a noble death. Jambo!

The true boss of Afrika
Now with Reg gone I'm going to kick on with SKSP properly, getting my teeth into Ico for the first time ever. I'll end up weeping tears thinking about how I'll probably never get to play The Last Guardian. As a bonus, I grabbed a quick interview with Reg before he boosted off. Enjoy!

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