Friday, 12 October 2012

SKSP Hour 6: Wake up and smell the ashes...

Current mood: frustrated

I've just hit the six hour mark in this gaming marathon, and come to the crushing realisation that I'm only a quarter of the way through. My head's already going a bit funny. Need a slap in the face to wake myself up. Might be on account of the monotony of crawling through Half Life 2's sewers for the last couple of hours. I've no idea if it's a game that uses any kind of mission structure, but if it does I guess that means I'm still stuck on THE FIRST LEVEL. I knew I should've plumped for Portal instead. Been having fun with it, great atmosphere and everything looks lovely, but the skittery handling isn't helping my headache much. I keep sprinting off pipes and missing simple jumps because it's

Coming up is my football bonus though. Playing through the entre Scotland Wales fixture. But since my copy of FIFA seems to have gone missing, I'll be playing it on Pro Evo 2011. In which the Scotland squad still features international superstars Paul Hartley, Chris Iwelumo, and David Weir. Good stuff. The bottle of red wine in my cupboard is looking more tempting by the minute, and that's a bad sign...

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