Friday, 12 October 2012

SKSP hour 10: Prophetic Pro-evo

Approaching 10PM, and I've just gotten done with my full length Scotland V Wales game on Pro Evo. It was a crushing, dispiriting, and truly boring experience throughout, so pretty much exactly like a Scotland game. Wales scraped a 2-1 win, but the majority of the 90 minutes involved players randomly running into each other and booting the ball as far as they could at every opportunity. So pretty much exac- *ahem*

Perhaps more interesting was the fact that I wasn't following the actual game at all. So imagine my surprise at switching over after the final whistle, only to find that Scotland had somehow managed to lose 2-1 in the real world too. Well, I say "surprise"... I don't really expect much of Levein's Scotland team at all to be honest. Still, I'm evidently a wizard, so that's nice. Resi 4 is up next, and I'm cracking open the wine.

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