Saturday, 13 October 2012

SKSP Hour 20: Rezurrection

Just after my last update I suddenly realised I was in real danger of crashing. Kept lapsing into those micro-sleep moments, where your eyes shut of their own accord and you feel yourself gently drifting off... then catching it before it happens and jolting back into consciousness. Well with six hours of this marathon to go that wouldn't do, I knew I had to wake myself up. Being slightly the worse for wear, what better way to do that than by turning off all the lights, plugging in my headphones, and blasting through the first level on Rez?

Of course once I finished Buggie Running Beeps I just had to do Protocol Rain. And then I couldn't miss out on Creation the State of Art. And so on, until I found myself watching the end credits roll and wondering where the last couple of hours had gone. Rez is one of those games that I always turn to when I'm at my lowest ebb. Something about the pounding visuals and intense beat of the soundtrack puts me in a zone of absolute concentration, a perfect trance-filled bubble. Ideal for that point in the night. But now I'm in the home stretch, I can practically see the finish line.

It's 8AM, Yakuza 3 is in the Playstation, and I've finally finished my red wine. Four hours and counting...

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